Bendis Mani
Portrait Drawing and Painting

Brigitte Loritz
Transparent Watercolor

Danielle Pottberg
Intro to Sewing


Mobile Photography
Bring your phone/camera to class, along with cables and a notebook/pen


Painting with Paper

Daniel DeNapoli
Manga (Japanese Cartooning)
ClubSketch Pad (any size) and pencils.

David Baer
Digital Photography/Photoshop
Bring your camera (point and shoot or DSLR) a fully charged battery and a USB cable.

Elizabeth Derderian
Acrylic and Oil Painting


Painting Realism with Acrylics or Oils

Ismael Checo
Drawing for All Levels


Portrait Painting for All Levels
Price does not include model fee

Katharine Dufault

Drawing for All Levels
Pencils (HB, B, B1) Eraser, Charcoal, Drawing Paper (16 x 20in) Newsprint Paper


Encaustic Painting
Encaustic Kits to be purchased in house – aprox. $60


Fashion Runway
Bring images from fashion magazines, a sketchbook, pen and pencils to class.

Larry D’Amico

Exploring Painting: Representation, Abstraction & More


Painting for All Levels

Laura Anechiarico

Beginning Drawing

Drawing Fundamentals and Acrylic Painting I


Drawing & More
Berol Prismacolor pencils, 2B pencil, Staedtler eraser and a “drawing” pad – any size


Illustration, Painting and Beyond

Lesyle Smith
Analog/Digital Photography Explorations
Digital Camera and 35mm – if you have your own (cameras can be provided)

Digital Darkroom: Exploring Digital Photography & Photoshop
Camera, USB cable, fully charged battery

Martha Taylor
Glass Creations: Kiln-Formed Glass
Supplies provided in house – please bring $100 or check for teacher

Maureen Amaturo
Fashion Illustration
11×14 sketch pad, pencils, ruler and a good eraser

What If? Creating Fiction
Pencils, lined paper, composition notebook or laptop

DIY Fashion
See class description

Fashion Writing

Young Authors Writing Group
Pencils, lined paper, composition notebook or laptop

Nicole Zahour
Enameled Jewelry
Supplies provided in house –please bring $45 or check for teacher

Patti Mollica
Fast, Loose and Bold Painting

Sheela Chari
Writing for Children

Tracy Burtz
Figure Drawing and Painting


Portfolio Development: Drawing & Painting
TBD – model fee not included in price


Still Life Drawing and Painting