The Auxiliary Group will act as a simple platform to share opportunities for involvement at The Rye Arts Center. These opportunities may involve assisting with events, helping us promote specific activities, attending or inviting friends to attend activities, invitations to committees, or lending a hand for administrative tasks as they arise.

There is NO COMMITMENT! Being a part of the Auxiliary Group simply means that you will be included in periodic emails inviting your participation.

There are no required meetings, dues, votes, or guilt-trips.

So many of our community members have expressed an interest in getting involved. As The Rye Arts Center continues to grow, more opportunities for involvement arise. The Auxiliary Group is our way of sharing those opportunities with you.

Potential ways to get involved:

  • Community Megaphone: Tell people about what’s going on at The Rye Arts Center. Share, comment, like our social media content
  • Attend events and bring friends
  • Serve on committee: Gala Committee, Performing Arts Committee, Gallery Committee, Public Art Committee, etc.
  • Administrative help: filing, database cleanup, etc.
  • Assist at the front desk: answer questions, answer phones

Again: none of these activities are required!

Being in the Auxiliary Group will simply keep you informed of volunteer opportunities as they arise.

To join or learn more, please contact: or call (914) 967-0700.